Should we Try CBD Oil for Autism | Asking His Doctor

We have seen a lot of self harming and aggression with Christian recent. We decided to look into cbd as a way to help him calm his body down and help him …


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  1. Thank you for sharing. CBD saved our autistic son’s life. My husband and I want to share our journey with you with the hope that it can help spread awareness of how CBD and CBG can help the quality of life for families like ours, Please share with others that might find the story informative.

  2. I thought I’d give input because it’s been about a year since I started this route. My twin boys both started CBD Oil. Just a drop full twice a day (that dose was given by a CBD specializing Doctor). I noticed effects within the first WEEK for one of my sons. He had less vocal stims and could complete tasks with less irritability. My other son however has shown improvement with sleep so that’s been a plus. from experience…every kid is different but CBD Oil has been pretty beneficial for us😊

  3. I've tried CBD oil for my brother hes autistic as well and also He has super high aggression. From my experience it doesn't help. But everyone's child is different, so i would just give it a try. You can get it from the vitamin shop they sell charlottes web cbd oil. Supposedly thats the best brand

  4. Hello! If there are some videos you can recommend to help my child I would really appreciated. I had a BC-ABA dropped my son as a client without letting me know recently. I am in the process of waiting for a new one. Videos that I looking for is parent support. If you have any knowledge that you can pass along since you work in the field I am willing to learn. I didn't realize there was a high turnaround with their workers. I been waiting a month, I don't want my son to suffer from this. Thanks!😊

  5. I haven't tried it but if my son had agression or self harming behavior I would definitely try it . I wouldn't want to medicate either unless it's the last resource.

  6. My son started using CBD when he was around 18 months old and it really helped him. We used Charlottes Web. It helped him to focus and really calmed him down. At the time, we struggled to just hold his hand and put him in the car seat. He would literally scream and cry the whole time during a car ride. After the 1st dose, he held my hand and got in the car seat with ease. No crying. I can go on and on with all the benefits from using it. He’s now 3 and we no longer need it. I highly recommend!

  7. In canada it's still illegal for minors without a prescription, and where I live theres only one doctor who can prescribe it. Takes YEARS to see them.

  8. I’ve tried CBD oil for my autism, anxiety and complex PTSD. I just have a hard time finding the right strain that works. I don’t really get aggressive with others, but I do it to myself. I even try bottling up my feelings and emotions, just because I find it hard to communicate with others that I’m struggling. I’ve heard great reviews about CBD and cannabis.

  9. I use cbd oil and gummies for myself and daughter with autism. For me for anxiety, sleep and pain. For my daughter I use it for anxiety. It works good. She was on prescription meds for anxiety for several years but we had to keep uping the dosage and didn’t really see effective results. Also she was having some other medical issues and since she can’t tell me effectively I weaned her off the Rx meds just in case they were the cause or part of it. It’s been 1 1/2 yrs off Rx meds and using cbd and she’s doing well. I’m not consistent with cbd but do use it occasionally for her. I use gummies and sometimes oil. The brands I’ve tried and like are Soul and Lazarus Natural.

  10. Hi!! I’m makayla! My mom and dad moved with my family for better services and other things we needed help with. I have Autism and I was put on meds when I was 8-21. I suffer from severe sleep issue, anxiety, and PTSD the most. A lot of weird health issues have happened recently. My parents tried me on medical marijuana and it has been a life savor for me!! It to sally helps my mood most days! I don’t have as many meltdowns either. Also, it’s been helping me with terrible pain and other things that meds made worse. I think it’s worth a try!! But, I think you should talk to someone at the Marijuana store by you. They know something else and who to go to for a medical marijuana doctor. It’s pretty complicated at first unless you have a doctor so you know the right dose. It helps me a lot with on and off nausea. Also, it helped me be less picky with eating and now I’ve tried so many new foods that I never would have!!

  11. We started with cbd but then it got too expensive charlottes web $200 for every bottle 😏 then it wasn’t strong enough doctor then recommended cannabis edibles 5mg he’s pretty chill and focuses more when he’s active he likes the mango flavor lol
    oh and they also recommended medication like adderall but we’re against that addictive stuff :/

  12. My child has been on guanfacine er for 2 plus years. Definite game helps with adhd and sleep. He’s got asd. A developmental ped prescribed it…as did his regular pediatrician.

  13. Cbd has helped my 12 year old with Autism. When puberty hit Donovan had some aggression we tried meds and it was a no go for us…I would not recommend(but everyone's case is different I do understand) we took him off and started a behavioral intervention plan with his school and they just recently stopped it because he's doing so well now. I feel there's hope for Cristian🙏

  14. Oh and girl-100% try the cbd. I would still be giving it to my son but he fights me on medication big’s hit or miss sometimes like tonight I put medicine in his juice and he straight wouldn’t drink it.

  15. I’m definitely struggling with aggression right now from my son. He fights me on every task, changing a pull up, washing his hands, brushing his teeth,’s a constant battle and it’s exhausting. I try to be as loving and patient as I can but I’m only human, it hurts and wears me down. The process of seeking out help has been a long journey and I’m just now starting to get a few answers. Your channel has been a source for me so thank you for sharing your experience. It keeps me positive and encouraged.😘

  16. Give it a try! I have a 4yr old autistic son who is non verbal it helps. I also found that taking him outside to ve in nature helps him alot to calms down. We do the beach or just the backyard he loves his pool and sandbox I also put a hammock that he loves.

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