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Justin Bieber gets HOAXED by Tom Cruise Deep Fake

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40 thoughts on “Justin Bieber gets HOAXED by Tom Cruise Deep Fake

  1. Hillary’s prediction: Epstein videos?

  2. Brandon killed Epstein.

  3. Let’s Go Brandon and Brenda.! And Top Gun sucks.

  4. Where's the link to the article?

  5. No talking shit on Top Gun!

  6. Tom has old man strength. You simply can’t compete against that.

  7. Is justin even making music anymore

  8. Yeah it's funny and all, as I'm typing they hit on this, but the deep fake stuff is gonna get so good it will be weaponized to destroy somebody. Just think of faking someone admitting to murder on hidden video. They'll get so good, how would you ever be able to really prove your innocence? Kinda scary to me…

  9. Need to recall his man card for watching the Kardashes

  10. I am calling BS on you. Ninjas were popular long before Top Gun. (1984 GPZ900R) Tom was on a ZX900. (also from the ninja line up) It should have been green!! I have rode "team Green" since the 60s.

  11. This deep fake crap is being pushed to condition people for when a video of Hillary doing some sick stuff is finally released.

  12. Just added you fine young gents on Spotify. 😎

  13. Top gun blows I'm glad he said it. That movie is cheesy. The bar scene when they all start singing.

  14. Someone needs to invent some kind of tech that detect Deep Fakes.

  15. Keep Doing The Drugs Beiber Just Like Hollywood, KARMA. Even Maxine Waters Stated someone Hacked Her Account, Stop The Drugs Use these Two as A Mantra They Blame People when It Is them To FCKD To Even KNOW.

  16. No more Adrenochrome…..
    That way they all look older.

  17. Even Tom Cruise effected by the supply chain problem. Tons of babies piled up in those barges.

  18. Love this podcast, but you were 100% wrong on Top Gun. Maybe today it would be cheesy, but for the summer of 1986 it was America the Beautiful! Many actors & musicians sad no to the script (& songs) simply because it showed the Navy in a positive, pro/America light. Boy, were they ever wrong. Made for $15 million, at last counting, it has grossed $365 million & has countless classic lines that people still quote today.

  19. I am a bit worried for anyone who does know about a tom cruise fake. Who cares enough about some actor to even notice if there is a fake account of them?
    If there is a fake account of me, nobody knows or cares including me.
    I think it is borderline mental illness to care about what other people think if they are not your friends or immediate family.

  20. Thank you! I’ve always hated Top Gun, even in the 80’s because it’s so cheesy! It’s an arse-kiss movie dedicated to Tom Cruise by Tom Cruise for Tom Cruise….

  21. I'd fight him, and I'm 60…

  22. Ninjas actually became popular when they hit the motorcycle racing circuit

  23. Neither would win they both are wimps

  24. Tom Cruise is a has been he could not act his way out of the sewer

  25. To be honest I don't really care which one of them wins, I think that they are both 'buttholes' and could do with a serious attitude adjustment.

  26. Tom Cruise would Decimate Bieber. All his weirdness aside, Tom still stays in shape and does his own stunts. He's had alot of fight training

  27. TC accepts the octagon challenge, at the event JB swings and is arrested for elder abuse.

  28. That one dude and his "turning points". "That was the turning point in television". "That was the turning point in Kawasaki Ninjas". No it wasn't, I am from the 80's, and everybody knew about the Ninja motorcycles, before Topgun!

  29. Justin’s 🦫. Dude is a chick. Fact.

  30. DF is already happening sir

  31. Tommy is a Scientologists , and he can believe that he's an immortal , spiritual being but , in my book he aint Maverick .. One thing for sure the what ever he is , he sure is " goofy " !!!!!

  32. Justin Bieber has spared with Floyd Mayweather , the bitch would knock 6 kinds of dog water out T. C. starting with Airedale straight up , WORD !!!!! Floyd says j.b. can handle the scene , my brother ..

  33. That Deep Fake Cruise is legit! He's hilarious! The real Tom Cruise would destroy Biebs even at his age. And I'd gladly pay to watch it.

  34. Ehh, I don't care about there celebrities and their BS, FK it. Make a good move that's not involved in politics and whatever.. Deliver entertainment and call it done. Don't make it political.


  35. Gonna have to agree, Top Gun is one of the worst popular movies

  36. This is how Cockney rhyming slang came about!

  37. Cruise would destroy him!

  38. I 100% completely disagree. It is not embarrassing at all, it's scary. Deep fakes can be extremely convincing and seem completely real. Why is it embarrassing to believe a video that looks real? Society hasn't caught on yet, but it is a serious issue! Especially with fake news! This shit can get out of hand really quickly and it will.

    Edit: I posted this before I heard the whole conversation. I 100% agree with what they said.

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