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Cannabis: Discovering its Effects on the Body and Brain I NOVA Now

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17 thoughts on “Cannabis: Discovering its Effects on the Body and Brain I NOVA Now

  1. Cannabis has been legal federally in my country for over 4 years now, sold in stores like beer, best thing the government has ever done

  2. What happened to the video "The Cannabis Question I Full Episode I PBS" ? Paused at around half of it to watch the rest later and now its gone

  3. More fake news from snowflakes

  4. Cannabis has been around thousands of years and they have problems about it.

    The C vax, they say it's safe though it was rushed to be made and is a TRIAL vax which the sheeple's rushed to get it

  5. More endoctrinated INSULT reminding me of "doctor" John Warnock & peers… Save yourselves a fair bit of spare time, without the frustration: ZAP!!

  6. please no podcasts, youtube is not radio thanks

  7. The Controlled Substance Act is deeply flawed because it isn't science it is politically driven. 🥂

  8. Science is complex and drug effects are different in every patient. Studies are of statistical value or for toxicity and lethal doses but clinical medical practice is very individual and trial and error based. Most physicians do not have enough time to do their best work. Very unfortunate.

  9. Addiction is a psychological disease that is characterized by self harm and drug seeking behaviors. This is not a serious risk for everyone.

  10. I hope this podcast keeps going and I do understand this is barely episode 8!! I just like this stuff so much that it would be great to have something to tune in weekly

  11. The benefits of cannabinoid therapeutics is a global phenomenon, how long will stigma keep botanicals down in the dirt?

  12. CBD = one of the biggest scams ever

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