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THIS NEEDED TO HAPPEN ❤️ Starting Seizure Meds for Lincoln

Lincoln has been having more seizures lately, some of them bigger, and all of them scary. We have done keto, CBD, and every other treatment we know, but …


24 thoughts on “THIS NEEDED TO HAPPEN ❤️ Starting Seizure Meds for Lincoln

  1. Stephen, your laugh is so contagious.

  2. Stephen and Amanda, you have the hugest hearts. It’s such a privilege to be able to see you raise your gorgeous family.

    I hope and pray with all my heart that Lincoln’s seizures are able to be prevented with new medication. What a remarkable and gorgeous little boy he is. 💙

    Also sending lots of love and prayers for your Dad Amanda. I hope they can get to the bottom of what’s causing his health issues.

    I haven’t had the easiest of times over the past 18 month. I had major brain surgery to remove a pretty nasty tumour at age 40. I have had to learn the art of patience, perseverance, persistence and rely on the power of prayer. You videos have helped me stay positive and keep calm. Thank you for being you 💗💗.

  3. Praying for Linky healing and recovery 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Stay positive mom and dad. Prayers sent your way. ❤ I'm a grown up and I don't like going to the doctor.

  5. Nunca vir alguem tao apoxondo. Como esse homem olha pra sua esposa

  6. Linky is such an inspiration for me, despite everything he is going through he keeps putting his thumb up😁 What a gift he his!

    Amanda I will pray for your dad!

    Miller Fam I love you all, you are so beautiful!! ❤️

  7. I really do love your family how great parents you are to your children who by the ways are lovely kids.. i am from phillipines and i wish i could see u guys eat filipino foods like adobo and lumpia for sure u will loved it ☺🥰

  8. I'm not somebody who is very religious usually, but I'll pray for this little warrior that is Lincoln ! Always with a smile on his face, so loving and affectionate with his family! I'll pray also for the doctors to find lasting solutions to improve his health! 🙏💓

  9. I will certainly pray for your dad 🙏 and could I please ask you guys to pray for my daughter who is 32 and facing numerous surgeries, thank you, love you guys xx

  10. I love Indian food too.

  11. He is so cute, and so tall. He has gotten so big since you first got him home.

  12. My daughter has epilepsy. It is scary for sure especially when it happens at school. The meds will help Lincoln alot, and he has strong, loving parents.

  13. Oh so sorry for your dad's health! May the ALMIGHTY place his blessing hands upon him in Jesus Christ name AMEN

  14. Praying for you guys. Seizures suck my son has the mild ones also and sometimes he has the big ones where we had to give him both of his rescue medications. We had to stop pineapple, mango and papaya because there is something in it that can cause seizures to some who has seizures. They have slow down since we stopped allowing him to eat those. He was upset but I will do whatever it takes for less seizures.

  15. Hey I am on seizure medication too because I have seizures too

  16. Thank God there are ways to treat this

  17. Prayers that Lincoln’s new medication will help him. He is such a sweet boy.
    Take care and hugs.

  18. Take care and believe ….

  19. Let me hug u mum and dad. .😘😘😘😘😘

  20. Sending prayers and positive energy your way ❤

  21. I'm glad you guys love Indian food.. Being an Indian, I really felt proud of it..

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