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  1. You keep staying positive Paul. Get up everyday and keep living as you usually would but make sure you get rest when needed. That's half the battle. Depression can sneak up on you rather quickly. Its great that you have your sister and some buddies for support. I am praying for your healing and well being .No luck finding RSO for myself here in FL , no one seems to know what I am talking about but I will continue searching. Thanks again for that info. Bless you too.

  2. I totally would do the same thing Paul, I’m with you fuck chemo at stage 4 and yes I know all the stories that people have and I say why doesn’t anyone tell the other stories.
    I think it’s about quality and if you change your mind to make things more comfortable in the future than you will. I was curious if you have a palliative care doctor there goal is simply to make you comfortable and you may need help with that in the future and if you have the doctors already set up by then you’ll already have access.❤️❤️ good luck man !!!

  3. Why are you not going back to familie and wife and so? Doing this alone is 10 times worse then do it close with you familie and loved ones. Oh and try ginger also btw. And vegetables juice.

  4. Illinois weather is what was making your pain worse. – I’d sell the house down there ASAP- maybe talk to Linda see if she gonna be your Bonnie if so , then have her come down w your doggie and get a lil house or apartment there in EPT or NM. Definitely go vegan bro- cut the Res meat ASAP- and lil by lil eat healthier foods – lots of greens Protein shakes- fresh fruits n veggies- lots of dietary supplements – get right with God or your higher power. I wouldn’t do chemo either – build up your immune system – I will pray for you 🙏

  5. Pls. don't give up on traditional methods, treatments have come so far over the yrs. There are so many who have had Stage 4 cancers & survived (eventually flourished!)…yeah, there are always horror stories of people who were temporarily weakened, made pretty ill by chemo and/or radiation, but they are not the ONLY stories….try & read some of the the more positive stories. I know it's human nature to look for the worst case scenarios but try & balance it w/positive, successful cases of those who used current med. practices & how they're doing well too! Not to sound 'preachy' but when confused re major decisions (whether moving, health, etc.) I always ask God to pls. OPEN the doors that need to be opened (make a way) & SLAM SHUT the doors that will lead to more confusion, regret, pain or just allover not a good choice….God bless & keep the faith!

  6. Why not do chemo and radiation? I had stage 4 cancer twice friend, it was rough but I recovered and now doing good 👍🏼 where did you live in Illinois? I live here in Peoria! I’m with you Paul I too now do not like Illinois! Do you have grown children? Can you stay with family? What kind of cancer do you have? Stay strong amigo 🏋🏽‍♂️hugs to you 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🥰🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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