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Medical Q&A LIVE!

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10 thoughts on “Medical Q&A LIVE!

  1. Pretty sure I was there for the guy playing dead. 104 if I remember right.

  2. Ok, now I'm thinking I need to drive down there and take your course!….

  3. Thank you for this! I'm just starting EMT training and I'm adding a few items you mentioned.

  4. Like he already has told you. Go look at the videos he already did.

  5. I.A. Medical is definitely my next class. As soon as I get some time off from the new job.

  6. Joey, Can't wait to see you in a week. Looking forward to a 1100 mile 10 hour trip to Benton County.

  7. Thank you. I enjoyed the show!

  8. The medical info is spot on! I can't disagree with anything I heard.

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