Witness Border Patrol's Egregious Actions Toward a Fellow American

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  1. SO much about this is so wrong on so many levels. Injustice done to one man anywhere is injustice done to all men everywhere. I appreciate everybody who stands up for individual freedom, because I view them as standing up for all of us! Thank you for watching. Please like and share.

  2. If the officer feels unsafe, I didn't see anyone holding a gun to his/her head keeping them there! Look at all that open space behind them where they can be safe.

  3. These cops are completely out of control, they all should lose their jobs. Stop talking, record everything and call a lawyer. Let the lawyer show them the constitution, because they have violated the shit out of it. Bunch of clowns

  4. I believe probable cause requires at least 1 objective fact. She cannot just state “probable cause” she must state the BASIS of the “probable cause”, the at least ONE OBJECTIVE FACT. Unless she can state the ONE OBJECTIVE FACT, there is NO “probable cause”. These agents or cops should be fired. And my favorite, a thug telling me what is “normal”. Hahahahahahahaha. Who is the guy in the tee shirt? They have no right to ANYTHING they are doing.

  5. The ‘officer safety’ excuse is so much bullshit. Well, occifer, if you thought it was so dangerous approaching me; why would you do it in the first place? Oh, interesting, I have a dog at home that sniffs out lying bullshit from cops; I should have brought him.

  6. If cops would just enforce the Law correctly, that would end half the problems.
    The problem with cops is they ignore some laws(Constitution), conflate TWO other laws together to make up a 3rd law, and make up their Own laws from thin air.
    Parking tickets are there because others would camp in that spot forever, not allowing others to use what their taxes paid for. That's not what this is!

  7. Well if it was me and you asked me that question I would say yeah there's a s*** ton of weapons in here just because of you and guess what the second amendment allows me to have these weapons and you can go suck it

  8. Everyone knows "official complaints" are not worth the paper they are written on! What WOULD be egregious, on the other hand, is if these FASCIST TYRANT BASTARDS get away with this, scot-free! But then again, I firmly believe America is set on its road to FASCISM; so this is only par for the course!

  9. unfuckin real! fucking oath breakers. thugs. Cops have lost the trust of the public. No wonder there is a war on cops. they deserve it!

  10. The war on freedom is in full swing.
    We the people have the right and Responsibility to fight against anyone who would try to violate the rights and freedoms of we the people. Even if that means the use of force against someone in a place of power if they are guilty of treason against the people. If anyone in a place of power betrays the people then that person forfeits their legitimate authority over the people.

    Any government entity, agency or official that conspire to, attempt to or successfully infringe on, restrict or deny any natural freedoms, pre established rights or constitutional rights of any individual, group of individuals or all individuals is guilty of treason against the American people.

    The greatest treason any government can commit is to restrict or deny any natural freedoms or pre established rights of the people who they are meant to serve.

    An act of treason is itself an act of war. An act of war demands a response in the ways of war. We the people started with Diplomacy. Sadly that is clearly not working. The question is are we the people ready for what must come next? We must all understand that if the use of force is necessary then it will be a long and difficult struggle that can not be taken lightly. With that all being said we the people must Respond to the declaration of war against us and our freedoms.

    We the people have the Responsibility to defend our rights and freedoms from any government entity, agency or official that would try to force tyranny upon any individual, group of individuals or all individuals. If we do nothing our children will suffer and never experience freedom for themselves. I risk my life fighting for freedom not just for myself but for my fellow American and most importantly to me, for My Children. I encourage all Americans to join the fight for freedom not for me but for your own families and your fellow countrymen.

  11. The stop in the very first place is a seizure of the Person traveling, despite ANY court's opinion. According to the CONUS, probable cause (whatever that is, since it is entirely subjective and speculative) is required as is a warrant. These "agents" are Traitors (<- capital T) and need to be hanged in the public square. When will we begin their trials of, by, and for the People?


  13. Al traffic stops are "Terry Stops" aka "Arrest Stops" aka "SEIZURES".

    "The infringement on personal liberty of any "seizure" of a person can only be "reasonable" under the Fourth Amendment if we require the police to possess "probable cause" before they seize him. Only that line draws a meaningful* distinction between an officer's mere inkling and the presence of facts within the officer's personal knowledge which would convince a reasonable man that the person seized has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime"
    Terry v. Ohio (1968)

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