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Cannabis Question Extra: CBD Helps Anxiety Patients in First Clinical Trial of its Kind

Are the chemical compounds found in cannabis, including CBD, a potential treatment for reducing anxiety? Here’s what a clinical study found—and the story of …


34 thoughts on “Cannabis Question Extra: CBD Helps Anxiety Patients in First Clinical Trial of its Kind

  1. Meaningless because of open label design. Only double blind studies are valid. Shame on NOVA PBS for distributing this tripe.

  2. I have been making my own for years and I'am chillin like crazy

  3. I have anxiety that opens up to a few main issues in a daily basis. The green keeps me clean and I feel like I fit in around normal society

  4. As a pot smoker, cbd will only heighten your anxiety. Don’t listen to these used car salesmen from Cali. You’re welcome

  5. OK – I'm done here on youtube… has abeen a fun ride … these comments I/m posting are not even showing … no need to have my life censored away … if you want t real truth do not turn to this place

  6. CBD is a scam, it’s the THC that’s the medicine.

  7. Cannibis and CBD are medicine from mother earth for humans that have specific links to our brain receptors that will heal us without harmful side effects.

  8. Just smoke weed. It’s cheaper and more effective. CBD isolate doesn’t do much if anything. It’s the hint of THC in there that actually takes effect.

  9. Any link to full double blind study?

  10. Best alternative to intoxicating marijuana.

  11. Wow, great video. You're telling us what they knew 6,000+ years ago. Funny how a few criminals who made pot illegal, were able to carry their lies for nearly 90 years. Pot was made illegal in the 1930's at the prompting of the FBI and the pharma companies. Think of all the lives that could have been changed or saved.

  12. I already know, I have smoked for years for my issues. Nothing new here.

  13. Charlotte Web great story, company and brand. I use wide variety of their products to address high blood pressure and sleep issues. Top brand in my opinion. I take the same bottle in the video.

  14. There's no actual scientific proof that CBD really helps with various issues! People that claim it's life-changing have no real proof of this so it's subjective at this point and should only be considered a placebo effect!

  15. When the authorities control the drug market, it becomes a science

  16. This is 1000% true.

  17. friend said to try cbd for my anxiety. and it did not have the effect i was looking for. infact it sent my anxiety through the roof to the point i almost ended up in the ER.

  18. Will CBd make me fail a drug test for my job

  19. Tramun jaw I injured and many other injuries….. words use hear are more emotional words however injuries are real the muscle and ligament have to understandlosing there grips thus the body shake however the cbd oil slow the body down so as the tension let go. The body is in mending … it took 16 years for my chin and jaw line to heal from an 3 yes old injury

  20. There was an episode on south park when erick cartman also has anxiety. Thats how i see every one with anxiety.

  21. C B D oil works people try it…….. 500ml 1000ml 1500ml to 2500ml or go 5000ml for the top end full spectrum cbd oil is the best.

  22. I started taking CBD for back pain which works very well. I also noticed that my anxiety level has decreased as well – even better than mirtazapine (Remeron).

  23. I remember my first panic attack at 6 and suffered all my life, but never when a panic attack would have been the appropriate response. I bought a bottle of passionflower from Amazon $10 and it’s so much better than anything I ever got from a pharmacy!
    While it does not necessarily treat the panic attack you are currently engaged in, after a few days everything was less of a roller coaster ride! Zero side effects except the best restorative sleep I’ve ever had.
    2 an hour before bed, then 2 at lunch.

  24. PBS wants the pharmaceutical industry to take over the cannabis industry. I'm not even going to hit play on this propaganda.

  25. My wife (55 yrs old) just started taking CBD before bed less than a week ago.
    She has had dramatic results in restful sleep for the first time in a really long time.
    I’m shocked and amazed, that’s all I can say. Finally, I can get a full night’s sleep too ☺️
    Also, please watch the full episode, very good Nova documentary about the whole Cannabis dilemma.

  26. CBD dominate saliva strain like Blue Dream helps me thwart off the onset of anxiety attacks.

  27. sorry but this just leads to injecting cocaine up your butt. jesus told me so

  28. Yeah, the anxiety, stress and any psychosis from marijuana shuts right off in about a half an hour.

  29. I have extreme anxiety and CBD no matter what dose does absolutely nothing to calm me down. It may have long-term effects, which would be nice, but so far cannabis hasn't helped with anything. Not to mention I'm in TX, have a medical license for it and the MG are so low you have to start on 1 dose, the next day 2 doses, the next 6 doses, and eventually an entire month's supply in one day.

  30. Anxiety is just one of many things that can be managed with CBD oil.

  31. That’s Charlotte’s web brand cbd! I love that company. They have a moving story. The parents of an epileptic child (named Charlotte) started making cbd extract to reduce seizures. Cbd is effective medicine for many things 🌿

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