Toronto Morning Headlines: Missing man in crisis, Trudeau apology, Ontario legislature resumes

This morning’s top headlines including a warning from police about a missing man from Mississauga, the prime minister offers a private apology over Truth and …


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  1. Everyone please don't listen to anything on the t.v. news involving Covid19/ /accines. They are rigging the numbers and these so called /accines are NOT /accines. But rather a bioweapon

  2. So is Ruben Mukja “missing” or is he wanted? Are you trying to be PC because of his last name/obvious ethnicity? You say he’s dangerous and has multiple weapons..

  3. Trudeau reminds me of Trump and the comments here remind me of Americans responses…..You got what you voted for and Canada likes criminal drama it seems. Were stuck with him and people like it.

  4. Justin " I'm Sorry" Trudeau, As prime Minister I am truly sorry for what has happened 100, 200, 300 years ago , We are totally responsible for the social development of society hundreds of years ago and are ashamed , Therefore we will be paying the great great great great grandchildren hundreds of millions of taxpayer money to make up for what our Great Great Great Great Grandparents did. PS: Was my offshore accounts part of the Pandora list ??

  5. Wow, is it time to admit yet that letting mentally ill people wander around in public in not in the public interest? Remember that age old question of whether people are 'good or bad by nature' – we've shifted to a model where we think people are basically good with occasional faux pas, sorry, that is not what history teaches us. It teaches us we need law and order to be a just society.

  6. Do you think switching to remote learning and working from home via the internet would improve greenhouse gas emissions while fighting the spread of covid?
    biggest concerns:
    -climate change (rise in sea level removing land suitable to sustain life and further issues related to changes in climate)
    -low birth rates (using immigration to offset low birth rates to grow population numbers for taxation)
    -warfare ( the usual as we have only so many resources on this planet to fight over..don't expect accurate reporting on this until it's history)

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