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Every single day, I get messages asking for my advice on how to deal with mental health issues and how to quit antidepressants etc and the truth is, I’m not …


8 thoughts on “MENTAL HEALTH Q&A

  1. Respect how you turned the impossible into possible. Great testimony of conviction & never quitting. Proud of you Dean.

  2. Sorry I missed the livestream, Dean. I was busy at work. Thank you for sharing. You shine a ray of hope into my life. Thank you.

  3. A great talk on an important topic, thank you Dean. Follow up on the cbd oil, it may be worthwhile. There are different lots including ones with no thc but still have health benefits. Im looking into it myself for lifelong anxiety and recently joint inflammation and sleep issues.

  4. Dean sorry miss you again. But a big thanks to and all the good work you share with all of us. Thanks so much . Cheers my friend

  5. Sorry I missed this! I have mental health issues myself, but I would never quit antidepressants without a doctor telling me to do so.

  6. Hi Dean, just want to tell you how much of a help you've been for my own recovery. The toy collecting channels are something i just discovered a year ago, and it truly feels like friends. I don't know, it's hard to put into words, but it helps, you know. That's what matters. Cheers!

  7. Sorry I missed this live, a friend alerted me, watching this back now, thanks for doing this!

  8. Thanks for making this important livestream possible, Dean.
    And good mental health to everyone.

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