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Have You READ THIS?? What The Banks Have Planned!! 😲

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32 thoughts on “Have You READ THIS?? What The Banks Have Planned!! 😲

  1. Are you guys also worried about CBDCs? Or do you think this BIS report is BS? Don't forget that you can follow me on my socials for the content that you are not getting here 👉 You may also be interested in my clips channel for some behind the scenes bits

  2. Guy, I love the humour in your videos!

  3. I want to say thank you for the video. Thank you for your work.

  4. XRP will be the private sector to bridge the interoperability between CBDC's

  5. It's like watching the biggest crypto scam take place xD

  6. Government also run crypto its called print usdt

  7. CBDCs are copy cats, frauds and I will not invest one dime in them .

  8. I own my home 100%, no mortgage. I swear I would burn it to the ground before giving it up to anyone.

  9. Great video. Thank you. These people are such tricksters and liars. Diagusting. One of the steps to globalize the world completely into as less hands as possible.

  10. unpopular opinion: central banks brought a lot of stability into the market by issuing money in times of crisis, while i am certainly not very happy about the state of the currencies i cant seem to find better solutions than they do to stimulate the market and the average joe probably does not as well…
    defi is the future but to prevent the worst things creed can cause a system like a central bank really helps out

  11. One currency, one government, new world order

  12. Great presentation…new sub

  13. well explained, thanks. nice video

  14. You are really flying over the target here, as usual. Love this channel. Got to call my Representative now.

  15. they've already chosen XRP as the intermediary. they don't mention it because they don't want people owning XRP because it's going to be worth $10K per coin when quadrillions need to flow into it

  16. Where can i get that shirt?

  17. Toad network breakdown?? Lots of talk recently please explore

  18. Now they are showing their claws! Who'd of thought eh hahaha.

  19. Please do an update on Holo Chain (HOT)

  20. Rome dies with the dollar and the strawman!!!!

  21. too hard to understand can someone pls put summary?

  22. Based.

    Monero is the way.

  23. "It's all part of the plan." – The Joker

  24. Hai coae postezi anu asta?

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