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How Bongs Are Made

(18+) *LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT* @aasglasspnw invited me over to the glassblowing studio for the afternoon to teach me a little bit more about …


21 thoughts on “How Bongs Are Made

  1. Plz don't stop posting Josh your videos mean so much to me!

  2. Stop smoking delta-8 dude. Wtf

  3. What is Delta 10?

  4. Where did u go buddy ?? I’m looking forward to your vlog style videos

  5. Just so you know the reason you fell off so hard is the nose ring

  6. nice video. one thing i was wondering is do you smoke reclaim? i noticed you have alot in that bong. you should get a reclaim catcher. get some good dab outa that. save some $$$$$

  7. Straingaming is a vibe

  8. I know this is a week old but I love your content man u are very down to earth and human just a genuine guy I like and respect that ppz keep creating content if this makes u happy

  9. you should try a dynavap theyre great its like a dab from flower

  10. Just re-discovered your channel used to watch you back in middle school, I’m 20 now on my own, thx for blessing my childhood.

  11. You can jaut tell that Josh is in a better place just by looking at the genuine Winkle in his eye.

  12. Faced a blunt of some OG for the wake and bake and was so fuckin floored😂🥱🥱🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. DAMMNNNN man I used to watch you all the time ages ago. Like 6 years ago. So crazy running across your channel again 🙂

    I quit weed years ago but glad to see you're still uploading and stuff

  14. I seen people make some crazy bongs man.

  15. When a mommy bong loves a daddy bong…

  16. wow a single dislike

  17. U deserve way more views n likes always loved the content🔥

  18. YouTube nuked your channel, not cool. Your vids were the first weed content Id watch back n the day you and custom grow 420. I just subbed on my new acc when I saw one of your old vids show up🤙🏼

  19. 13:10 legit thought it was a racoon pull up to your crib for a sec

  20. Got a bowl of some Gas Mask in a TAG 18" fixing to unwind my self
    Pop what your droppin in a reply

  21. Go for 540-80 on the dabrite brotha hope you’re well 🤙🏼🤙🏼

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