Anti-lockdown protest shuts down Melbourne CBD | 7NEWS

Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters and a police operation has shut down Melbourne in a violent stand-off. Motorists were left in gridlock, forcing a last-minute …


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  1. 18 months of lockdown?? Puffff, Now I found out why Sir David Icke was banned for Australia, today one Australian is fighting with another Australian brother on some bullshit

  2. The Australian news reader’s script said: “Police arrested as many people as they could.”

    The truthful version should’ve read:
    “Police beat as many people as they wanted.”

  3. F*** the authoritarians for subjecting us to this BS. This is the Build Back Better crowd and includes Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Merkel, Boris, and Morrison.

  4. Show Berni the wropes upside down newcastle area and I did see Rambo he was meant to help me with a bed someware and Jase your family cross that a little brother accidentally lost is in Hamilton south commission flats

    Is this correct? "it has been estimated that there are over 380 trillion viruses inhabiting us" inside and out of human/s; would such big number not mess with virus testing result/s?

    Ref. – David Pride, University of California San Diego and Chandrabali Ghose, The Rockefeller University

  6. Ending Global Pandemic?
    Pandemic 2020 Enemy virus pose threat of infecting every human reportedly hosting with "over 380 trillion viruses" inside and out of human body not counting viruses outside and elsewhere around planet earth. Sanitize/disinfect air
    sorroundings, and priority for diesel engines/vehicles access to ply all roads throughout the country.
    Carrier/s or asymptomatic of covid – people although infected, unaffected and walk a normal life due to their strong immune system; these group may be one of our hope of developing weakened humanized antidote virus/es to combat pandemic and may also developed plasma for infected patients? Hence, lockdown should not be not applied to them to avoid stress which could deteriorate their immune system and hamper development of friendly antidote humanized virus, versus enemy virus and help end present worldwide pandemic?

  7. Brazil "as of 22 April 2021, a total of 35,525,209 vaccine doses" injected, India "as of 29 April
    2021, has administered 152,245,179 doses", etc.

    Why even in countries with big number of vaccinations already administered, thereafter however, still experienced more covid infections/deaths?

  8. Solving threat to health?

    Presumably components of vaccine for covid-19, variant(s)1, 2…/mutation(s)1, 2…, 1st, 2nd wave…, but what if dose/s whittle/lost its efficacy in containing new variant(s)/mutation(s)/strain(s), would it not deteriorate/interfere with body's immune systems' inherent natural ability to automatically develop antibodies to protect humans from enemy disease(s)/virus(es), and other than vaccine, still open to alternatives using tablets, traditional organic herbal customary/medicinal cure belief/s, e.g., inhaling vapours from boiled 'eucalyptus' leaves, 'artemisia', 'seaweeds', etc., developing antidote plasma, friendly humanized viruses to envelop the air/atmosphere versus/es enemy virus and help end present worldwide pandemic? ggffjr/

  9. Pagpabakuna parang pinayagang makapasok inactive virus(es), etc./component/s sa iyong katawan? Kasiguraduhan, maapektuhan ba nito ang likas na tungkulin ng ating immune system tulad ng plasma, paglikha ng/producing friendly weakened virus/es at pagdedevelop ng panlaban sa mga sakit tulad ng depensa laban sa enemy virus/es, etc. at iba pang banta sa kalusugan?

    Only time can tell when covid vaccine finally out of the body after vaccinations?

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