"This is Your Captain Speaking…" PINGTR1P 10/11/21

New week, short week, and our buddy @PINGTR1P is going to help us kick it off in style. We’ll be talking about crappy Korean Netflix Specials, Secession, and …


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  1. About you back pain maybe you need to see a chiropractor, like Dr. Alex Tubio. Search for his channel and watch videos of him curing patients with years of back, hip, or neck pain. Maybe you would want to make an appointment with him.

  2. By the end of the month collapsing the Matrix’ w but what a mess they have created , they are. Ringing in Fema workers and recruiting more nurses before the others even quit and one of the nurses said the Fema camps will be for the workers so hard to believe anything these days !

  3. Help me understand. I grew up wandering the streets of Disneyland way back when they counted daily attendance on baited breath, waiting for my Mum( Walt loved the British people πŸ™‚ ) and Dad(he loved his Tour Guides:/) to get off work. I grew up in the days of cocktail tables instead of Coffee tables. I ate in the first Club 33, the one in The strip mall at the foot of the brand new Disneyland Hotel and then, when they first moved it over to the gallery above Walt's long awaited moment of glory: Pirates of the Caribbean. All of Us, We kids enjoyed 'Trick 'r'Treating' as the beginning of the holiday season, and the school holiday (Holy day of Obligation) Feast of 'All Souls Day' on November 1 was about the only treat Catholic/parochial school provided, though you spent the school day off waiting for your public school friends to come home from school!) The point of these ruminations is: WE WERE INNOCENT TO THE ILLUMINATI'S MEANING FOR ALL THESE THINGS! We did NOT embrace THEIR symbolism; it simply wasn't in our realm of knowledge. It feels like some folks are deciding we should starve ourselves to death because the Illuminati practises cannabalism. I never participated in or condone their rituals but I will properly nourish myself with what I can afford/proper nutrition. THEY are the ones bent on destroying what we enjoyed innocently. It seems to me, TURNING EVERYTHING OPPOSITE/INSIDE OUT was the Illuminatti's purpose! I can't go back, now that I am 'awake,' and I don't FIT in America anymore. However, I fear an 'alter' propaganda by the WH that leaves me wondering Will I like this 'New World' that's being dictated to me. Remember, 'silence is consent?' Well, IF I DON'T CONSENT TO THE WHAT IS THE ILLUMINATTI'S PLAYBOOK, WHY IS IT THE THINGS THE ILLUMINATI HAS CONTAMINATED (like about Everything IN AMERICA!!!) NOW MUST TO BE VILLIFIED?? Conversely, Why do the WH's promote the Fritz Springmeier book from OFF OF THE FBI's SITE? Haven't we Learned the FBI/CIA are weaponized and corrupt intelligence agencies? Ask the jailed Jan 6 victims what THEY think of the FBI! I knew Walt Disney from my parent's working relationship with him. Walt needed funding; the government supplied. Important to note that after Walt died, and 'the corporation' took over, MANY original employees left/noticed the difference in how the running of the company was done. I ask you, How MANY people have had their reputations smeared/turn up ill and dying/'committed suicide' that turns out, the government was behind? (ask Hillary Clinton about HER Hit list.) I know, I asked too many questions… but somethings don't seem to fit right; there are many times I wonder WHERE ALL THIS WILL END UP. Our kids today are growing up thinking wearing face diapers is Normal! I am eager to learn when they say is our Real History, but I caution folks to embrace their inner discernment; let's not simply drink a new propaganda. I need a world that makes sense. Like any statistics chart, it can be presented anyway THEY like. God give us Truth! (I apologize. I have no one else to vent to. Family isn't speaking to me. They lining up for their 'jabs.')

  4. In regard to "weather disruptions" in Fla. over the weekend (SW Airlines), it didn't happen. It was a beautiful weekend with mild weather. Can't speak to any ATC issues, but there was ZERO weather issues. That is all…..carry on πŸ™‚

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