🔴LIVE! Seeding Winter Wheat With 620hp Steiger!

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  1. You guys work hard to keep the farm going. There’s no reason for people to complain about your channel, your farm and families are more important. I work for a Kubota dealership, and get to meet a lot of farmers here in Florida. It doesn’t matter where you farm, there’s always something that breaks or something that needs to be done. Keep doing what y’all are doing, I’ll keep watching 😎 thank you!

  2. On a diesel electric locomotive, the weight of the engine + generator is desirable to create track adhesion. With a farm tractor, it might tend to compact the soil too much. Also, other components might be heavier due to greater weight of system. I'm not an engineer although!

  3. I think the high torque warning might’ve been the product settling while you were moving fields. When you started back up it was a little harder to agitate for a start then it normalised after a bit

  4. I live in a big city and I am law enforcement. Your videos get me through hard days. I really like the way you handled that idiot on your demos. Reminds me of my job at times.

  5. Love that Steiger. And don’t ever feel guilty about the opportunities coming your way. Hard work earned you and your family that. I personally find the progression of your farm fascinating. It really has come quite a ways. First channel I ever subscribed to and still one of my favourites.

  6. Nick I like views out the windows and the equipment. I know you want to drive a Big Bud to Hollywood someday. Less Nik more country side. Thanks Buddy. Just hacking on ya

  7. I missed the live feed, but have seen the commenter talking trash about the equipment demos. Thing is, even without the demo equipment, the Welkers have put many hours & dollars into their equipment. Look at the age of the Big Buds and their other equipment. The 4520 was probably built in the late 1960s, the Buds in the 1970s. Most of their equipment has thousands of hours on it. Must keep it real.

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