Blue Lotus Sauce Cartridge (Maven Extracts aka Maven Genetics)

Sauce #MavenGenetics #MavenExtracts This Video Is Intended For Those 18+ You can find Maven Genetics Online here • Blue Lotus …


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  1. Congrats on your new job bro👌 I always try to take a T break but after 8 hours of a long day at work I gotta smoke up to clear the mind lol. You should of went with a flavor strain for a little more terpene flavor like watermelon or golden mandarin, I know theres prolly more strains similar to those out there, I havent tried them but if I do I'll go with a flavor one, Maven says they use no distillate at all in their carts it's only plant idk bro lol but I'll give these a try one of these days

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