Grape 馃崌 Ape Delta 8 Thc Vape pen

this is my review of The Grape Ape Delta 8 THC vape pen. This comes from a company called Delta Munchies. I do not sell these products I only review them.


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  1. I recommend trying 3chi products they were the first company to start selling delta 8 and they have the purest products on the market plus lab reports highly recommend also nit sponsored lol

  2. I bought the melon dreams and it would not rip at all no matter how hard I'd pull it. It would only light up when I charged it. They sent me a replacement and it was still very hard to pull at times but worked. With the replacement I'd have to pull on it a few times until I'd actually get a hit. I feel like the device is the problem and maybe they should look into switching to a new disposable device.

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