30 MIN FULL BODY DUMBBELL SHRED – HIIT Cardio and Strength Workout with Weights

Killer Full Body DUMBBELL SHRED – who’s ready to smash it out? Get ready for a combo of CARDIO HIIT & STRENGTH exercises! This workout is designed to …


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  1. Exactly what I’m looking for in a home workout! Love the strength-high intensity combo without the jumping. Easy movements that can easily be modified if you don’t have dumbbells or you’re new to working out a need a slower start. So excited I found this channel!!

  2. Thank you Anna for this great session!😊Especially for the tricky part-dumbbell swing+thruster😁🤩 I'm sure, this video will be replayed many times later on😁 And don't forget to mention,the music playlist was awesome😀

  3. did this shred workout today! was Rocking! non stop for the entire duration – Total calories – 340, Active Calaories – 300, Avg. Heart Rate 138 BPM!
    Thanks so much for the workout!

  4. Thank you, Anna, for this amazing workout!! I always get a great sweat going. I love that your workouts are challanging yet completely achievable. I feel so energized after each one. Keep up the great work!

  5. I sprained my foot 3 weeks ago, I have been doing a lotttttt of upper body / core, this workout is great to get me started back into using both my feet – I can easily modify where I need.

    Thanks Anna,
    Chicago USA

  6. I've been doing the workout with you for 2 months. It really helps me and love you add yoga too. I do need more stretching after your video. 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us. I'll keep doing with you.

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