‘Dead Cells’ creator will release firefighting game ‘Nuclear Blaze’ on October 18th


Sébastien Benard, the lead developer and designer for hit indie game Dead Cells, has created a new game that will have you fighting fires, solving mysteries and saving cats. Yes, you’ll play a firefighter in Bernard’s new 2D action-adventure game entitled Nuclear Blaze — one who gets air-dropped into a secret military facility that went up in flames for unknown reasons. 

In the complex, you’ll have to use your firehose wisely to deal with the wildfire spreading uncontrollably throughout each section. You’ll also have to deal with backdrafts, exploding walls and complex sprinkler systems. But you won’t just be trying to put out a blazing inferno in the game: You also have to rescue survivors (cats included) and investigate every nook and cranny to find hidden secrets that would help you figure out the site’s true nature, as well as solve the mystery behind the fire.

Benard developed Nuclear Blaze under his own company called Deepnight Games. In the developer’s website, Bernard described himself as a “former associate” of Motion Twin, which was the studio behind Dead Cells. He also said that he wanted to create a game his 3-year-old could play, which is why the title has a “Kid mode” with simpler level designs, rules and gameplay. 

Nuclear Blaze will be available for download on Steam on October 18th. You can watch a short trailer below to get an idea of how you’ll be fighting fires and solving mysteries as a 2D firefighter.

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