The Cannabis Question I Full Episode I PBS

Official Website: | #TheCannabisQuestion As state-legalized cannabis spreads, NOVA explores its little-known risks and benefits.


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  1. As for recreational use: it might not be strictly scientific, but hemp ought to be considered roughly equivalent to alcohol. Having a spliff now and then, for a mentally sound adult who doesn't drive or operate machinery under the influence, is basically harmless fun. Getting stoned every day, especially in adolescents, is quite a different thing. And just like the case of alcohol, prohibition is thoroughly counter-productive.
    As for medical use, I'm a teacher not a doctor. Research is needed, and I guess I should leave it to the specialists -who must be allowed to do their thing free from fear of anything that's not clearly medical misconduct.

  2. After over 10 years of drinking 2-4 drinks / night I decided to try cannabis to relax in the evenings. I now only occasionally drink. I use cannabis in very small amounts and feel so much better. I sleep better, exercise more and better and am way healthier than when using alcohol. Oh, and it's cheaper.

  3. it's also useful as medicine to treat normies. the most vital group to cure before they develop deadly conditions like cancer. with the constant reminder, it's not a miracle cure.
    documentary is full of error and it's even pushing BLM narrative.

  4. A healthy diet with hemp hearts is far more beneficial for most people. Sadly, this is often overlooked. However, I will not state that cannabis cannot be utilized by some for medicinal purposes. Yes, it as well has known benefits for some cases. But for the average person they need to fix their diet before consuming medication of any sort. Diet is really the root cause of many mental and physical conditions within society.

  5. There's something I do not understand. Cannabis has been around as long as tobacco has correct? So, how and why do we understand nearly everything there is to know about tobacco and it IS harmful and it is FULLY legal, yet they say we "need more research" on cannabis, and it remains illegal to spite the fact that it isn't harmful. THAT blows my mind! However, a lot of the people responsible for keeping it illegal use it themselves. Do as I say and not as I do. Can you say hypocrite? I wish society would stop demonizing tools and medicines and start holding PEOPLE responsible for their actions instead of blaming things that shouldn't be blamed…

  6. Look at the graph at 44:47. They sorted it by "addiction risk" (however that's measured) and not actual deaths. If you sort by deaths you would see that alcohol is by far the most deadly drug besides cigarettes, more than 3 times as dangerous as heroin. Meanwhile, cannabis is at literally 0

  7. Fantastic documentary. As a cannabis user I’m just as aware of (and suffer from) the negative effects as I am the positive, but the positive effects vastly outweigh the negative. I pray that one day I won’t be considered a criminal in the UK

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