The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #347

The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast 347 0:00 – stream starts 16:00 – Podcast Starts 20:00 – bob ross 28:30 – Cypress graphic novel 34:30 – tinted windows and DOPE …


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  1. Yo who’s doing the scratch class I be doing what y’all do where I have that expensive scotch and I’m taking shots after shots. When I want learn more on what to mix my scotch with. Rn sippin on some highlander 18year Viking pride

  2. I'm all about the comic book reading! Oh that one 70's boof weed did look like Florida! LMFAO! The class idea is great! Oh my dad tied growing weed and the horse ate it my mom had talking early 90's ya all in mid Florida. My favorite song from Tell You Somethin is Runaway. I was very impressed but mayn it is hard to choose!

  3. I got the tint checker on me i told em it was legal he said hold up a second i friggin bought the car like that though 😂 i took the ticket an got 1 more warning from a diff cop after that, then the next time i was doin 35 above the limit an luckily just got the window ticket instead so honestly keep your window tint and learn how to make the fuzz laugh or just be fuckin nice 🤣🤣🤣 you know what you did 😂👾💨💨💨💨✌️🤙✌️🤙✌️✌️🤙

  4. Picked up some Banana OG from a different dispensary than usual, and even though it was lacking the real bag appeal of the competitors, it still hit great. I am swearing by this strain. Now that I am on that good high I can truly just sit back & enjoy the show.

  5. Shhhh.. the whole conversation about products we often used and being caught unawareness.. father’s legacy and joint venture.. fuck half brothers .. sisters and all!!

    Sure the hood will watch.. cancer and cancer in the family.. never do bus like that

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