MEDIA MELTDOWN After Steve Bannon Again Calls for Army of GOP Operatives to Overhaul Government (Video)


Former Trump Campaign Manager and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon met with scores of Trump loyalists and political appointees this week at a private gathering at a DC social club. Hundreds of former Trump appointees and MAGA loyalists gathered to hear Steve’s plans for the next MAGA administration.

This has the radical left and DC elites, including Republican DC elites, in a panic.

Democrats and DC Insiders in Panic as Steve Bannon Fires Up Shock Troops at Private DC Gathering

On Monday Steve Bannon repeated his calls for Republican “shock troops” to help deconstruct the government when Republicans take over.

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Steve Bannon told The War Room audience.

We control this country, we’ve gotta start acting like it…We’re not gonna have 4,000 ready to go, we’re gonna have 20,000 ready to go, and we’re gonna pick the 4,000 best and most ready in every single department, and that’s how we really start to deconstruct the administrative state.

This made the headlines on Mediaite.

This terrifies the Uniparty and DC elites — that everyday Americans have had enough and are already making plans for the transition to sanity.


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