Kobo’s new $260 Sage e-reader lets you add handwritten notes


Kobo has introduced two new e-readers including the $260 Kobo Sage that lets you take e-notes and the waterproof, mid-range Libra 2. The devices now support Bluetooth and both use E Ink Carta 1200 displays, while continuing Kobo’s use of the asymmetric form popularized by Amazon’s Kindle Oasis series.

The all-new Sage e-reader has an 8-inch, 1,440 x 1,920 E Ink display with Kobo’s ComfortLight Pro feature that adjusts screen brightness and color depending on the time of day. They also give you the ability to take handwritten e-notes on e-books and PDFs with Kobo’s optional $40 Kobo stylus, then convert them to plain text. That’s much like Kobo’s larger and more expensive $399 Elipsa, though the latter does include a stylus.

With Bluetooth support, the Sage can connect to wireless headphones so you can listen to Kobo audiobooks. It also supports Kobo’s $80 PowerCover that can hold the stylus and automatically wake the Sage or put it to sleep when it’s opened or closed. Other features include 32GB of storage (non-expandable), a quad-core 1.8 GHz processor and a USB-C port for charging and data transfers. 

The Libra 2, meanwhile, is an updated version of the of the Kobra Libra H20, with a 7-inch 1,264 x 1,680 E Ink display, the ComfortLight Pro feature and Bluetooth support. Despite dropping “H20” from the name, it’s still IPX8 waterproof with the ability to survive up to 60 minutes in two meters of water. Kobo is promising improved screen performance, and it comes with a 1GHz processor, 32GB of storage and USB-C. It’s designed to work with the new $40 Libra 2 SleepCover and $30 Libra 2 Basic SleepCover.

Kobo's new $260 Sage e-reader lets you take e-notes


The new e-readers look to be good alternatives to Amazon’s devices, with the Kobo Libra 2 priced considerably less than the $270 Kindle Oasis with the same screen size, while the Sage has extra features and a larger screen for $10 less. You can now pre-order the Sage and Libra 2, with shipping set for October 19th. 

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