Help, I’ve got Cancer | part 2 & 3 | stage 4 cancer | living with terminal cancer #cancer #scared

Hey everyone , I hope your all doing ok? This was supposed to be part 2 of my terminal cancer journey so far but I got carried away chatting lol so it’s now part …


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  1. I'm sorry how you found out both times. The doctors don't realise how harsh our blunt they are when they tell us such huge news. My Dr was awful and felt like he was heartless because I was so overly emotional.
    Thoughts are with you, thank you for letting us join your journey xo

  2. 💗 Such an inspiring and positive young lady. I am trully sorry for your diagnosis. You are so strong to have gone through all this and to be here. I believe and hope you defy the prognosis. Love and prayers on your way 🙏

  3. Hello I too have cancer that I’m documenting on my channel. Cancer is a horrible disease that really takes a toll on one’s life. I pray that all turns out well for you as well as myself.

  4. Hello I’m new and I liked your video so I subscribed.I would like to go on your journey with you.keep your spirit up and big hugs for you. I will be here when you post again.

  5. You are such a cool lady. I really like you and I'm sorry about your illness. I am also sorry that the medical establishment let you down in certain respects. I wish you good health now and well into the future. Love your accent. ❤️

  6. Sam, you are so inspiring. LOL, I'm leaving you notes everywhere!! Your going to think oh my, what have I gotten myself into tagging onto her!! If I don't see you in some on the craft channels I told you about, I'm going to spread the word about your channel, I hope you won't mind. Stay positive and God Bless

  7. . I've read cancer is caused by damage to the mitochondria, which is fixed by prolong fasting, and eating crasiferus vegetables. Fenbendazole taken with krill oil, and ozone therapy would be on my shopping list, as well.

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