Griffin has a neurology appointment and we discuss seizure control with the Neurologist. Please subscribe to watch our family grow! Our last video: HIS …


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  1. I’m sure the Emily from 2-3 years ago would have such a huge smile on her face seeing where you’re at today with the boys’ care and such a weight lifted off her shoulders if she could see this video. Seeing you say “I can do this!” So proud of you Emily!!

  2. Good clinicians are great to have on-side…neurology sounded so positive. All of your kids are beautiful Emily, Wynn is gorgeous, Lindy SO cute & pretty….beautiful kids, wonderful parents. Añd btw – your make-up is awesomw…especially eyes!! Love from Scotland x

  3. I like the neurologists way of thinking too.
    My son had annual eeg’s as a child and I always wondered why!? We already know he has epilepsy.
    You do seem much calmer than in New York. Maybe because all the big scary diagnoses are out of the way now.
    You’ve got this!
    Ps: I always smile when you pronounce mls as em-els 😊. In Canada we say mils.

  4. I'm happy to hear that Griffin's neurology appointment went well. Usually neurologists won't do an EEG unless seizures are getting bad. Griffin is likely having breakthrough seizures(small seizures that the medicines aren't controlling) some neurologists won't do anything for breakthrough seizures, while others increase the dosage of the medication or change the medication.
    My daughter is on Keppra and as she's gotten older we've had to increase the dosage. She's at 15ml's and it only goes up to 18ml's for her age and weight. So far she hasn't had any seizure activity, but we watch her and know what her triggers are. A lot of epileptics have triggers they should avoid, because it can cause a seizure. My daughters number one trigger is sleep deprivation. She has to get 7 or more hours of sleep and if she doesn't, we start seeing breakthrough activity. The other trigger is nervousness. I'm pretty sure Griffin has triggers too.
    I'm so curious as to who you saw at Children's Neurology? My daughter's neurologist is AMAZING at Children's hospital. She works at all the Children's hospitals in the Denver Metro Area and in Colorado Springs.

  5. Another interesting vlog, Emily! Happy to hear you liked your in person appointment w/Griffin’s Neurologist. It sounds like she’s a good provider. Good for Griffin for being so controlled during his appointment. You’re a busy, devoted, caring & wonderful Mommy to Griffin and all your children. 👏👏👏

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