Stock Market Corrections Are Buying Opportunities. Buy These

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  1. Great video… love that you’re in Thailand which is exactly where I plan to be in about six months to a year living off dividends and online income… there is nothing like having TOTAL FREEDOM, cheers and thanks for your video, 🙏🏼

  2. Thanks for shouting me out Jerry! I appreciate it. I started a big position in CLF Tuesday, what do you think? Got it at $19. Bought 200 shares of zim today at $55 🤔. Your the best Jerry !

  3. Hey Jerry, JP Morgan announced underweight of ZIM stock and stated new price target of $46 ! Do you think price will continue to rise after that announcement?

  4. The Government in China says they are not too big too fail.. In Commie talk that means the government will not let them tank. China takes care of China. Too bad someone isn't looking out for us.

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