How COVID Can Cause a Heart Attack | Deaths Due to The Vaccine | A Vaccine Q&A

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  1. Dr. Montgomery, our family had covid three months ago and we came through just fine. My 19 year old son (who actually had the mildest symptoms) got back the test that he had all antibodies. He took it for college as part of his response to requests an exemption from vaccine.
    But I am worried now that the government wants to force vaccinate us regardless of our immunity.
    I know three people in our close circle of friends between the age of 55 to 73, otherwise healthy friends who came down with stroke (2) and the third one has numbness spreading from her face now down to her arms days and weeks after the shots. Also, none of these were reported to VAERS!

    I am completely traumatized by these sudden and multiple illnesses.

    I trust your information, which I can’t say about the government and the big pharma, and seeing the apartheid level censorship
    I’m worried that they will remove you from the internet and would like to know if you may have a newsletter, or any form of communication that I can stay in contact with you.

  2. We all have a date with covid… the question is, do you want to roll the dice with covid (which I’ve seen first hand kill people even after recovering from the symptoms) OR get the vaccine where you’ll most likely be just fine?. Either way, the risk is so much greater getting covid without additional protection.

  3. Is it possible you could do something on chlorine dioxide by jim humble.. as I truly believe this could fix the Damage from the vax..
    And everyone can make it at home!
    Some people don't have access to ivermectin.. but also hydoxychloroquine can be also made at home with grapefruit and orange skins boiled.. keep up the Great Work..

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