Developing a Connoisseur Cannabis Palate: Mike Angelotti / Ganjier

Emerald Cup judge and veteran breeder/cultivator Mike Angelotti gives an inside glimpse into what he looks for in his favorite cannabis as a connoisseur and …


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  1. This man has spent much time with Swami. I’ve heard him say some similar things about reacting to the smell and I believe them Completely.

  2. I live in California. We cant smell the buds cuz the packs are all packaged up. What are some ways that we find something that works for us without smelling the bud. Nug structure isnt the most accurate way of determining effects and thc% doesnt really matter. Genetics seem to be the best way because I assume If you like girl scout cookies then you will like a cross or its parents. I've been disappointed with alot of different cultivars because I am not able to determine if I will like the bud. Smell is the best way for me to determine effects since the Terps play a huge part in the overall high.

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