Apple says the iPad mini’s ‘jelly scrolling’ problem is normal

Shortly after the new iPad mini was released, people started complaining about seeing a weird “jelly-like” effect on their screens while scrolling. It appears as if one side of the screen scrolls at a different rate than the other, making it look like the screen is wobbling. Those who were hoping for a fix to the problem would probably be disappointed by Apple’s response, because the tech giant has told Ars Technica that the device’s screen wobbling problem isn’t a problem at all.

A spokesperson told the publication that the jelly-like effect people are seeing is typical for LCD screens, because they refresh line by line. As such, it’s normal for the lines at the top of the display to refresh at a different rate than the lines at the bottom. Ars Technica insists, though, that the effect is much noticeable on the iPad mini than it is on other 60Hz LCD iPads, including the latest entry-level model that was released with the mini. Further, there’s a visible line dividing the screen in the middle when the tablet is in portrait mode.

It remains to be seen whether Apple would do something about this jelly scrolling effect in the future, considering people are airing complaints about it. For now, it looks the tech giant’s stance is that it’s par for the course for an LCD screen and that users will just have to get used to it.

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