A revamped wired Nest Doorbell is coming in 2022 with 24/7 video recording

Google is feeling the smart home heat. Shortly after Amazon announced its dirt-cheap $50 Blink video doorbell, Nest VP Rishi Chandra announced that Google also has a competing second-generation Nest Doorbell coming next year. And unlike the recently launched battery-powered Nest Doorbell, the new device will be hardwired like the original Nest Hello. That opens the door for 24/7 video recording, something the battery-powered cameras can’t handle due to thermal issues (plus you’d likely have to recharge them often).

Chandra also says Google plans to launch a web view for the Home app next year as well, which will allow you to control cameras and other devices from your computer. Honestly, it’s a shock Google still hasn’t managed to build that, especially when competitors like Arlo and Ring have offered them for years. Google also plans to bring older Nest devices into the Google Home app eventually, but for now, Nest customers will have to juggle between two separate apps.

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