New Stock Indicator. Profit Targets. Stop Loss. How Much To Buy. Risk Management Made Easy.

Jerry’s Risk Management Indicator shows you the perfect position size based on your account size and risk management rules including the stocks volatility.


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  1. Jerry, I can not thank you enough for all that you are doing for this community. I made notes and going to apply all I have learned from you. Thank you, thank you. God bless you.

  2. Could you do an analysis on AQST sometime? I think you would love them. They got all strong buy ratings a good pe ratio, multiple sources of revenue and a huge fda date in December so it should be a BIG run up play! Thanks for everything☺️

  3. Thank you Jerry! This is great information! I love that you do teaching and not just stock tips.

    I wish you would consider making recorded video content of lots of different topics in a progressive order and offer it as a class people can pay for. Ive tried learning on my own but there's just too much info out there to digest .

  4. Jerry when will you post the Risk Management ToS Plugin URL in the education channel?
    Great video, very nice and simple formulas, I appreciate the hard work you do to each us profitable investing. Much appreciated. I watch YouTube on my big TV but it does not allow easy commenting. However, I am your biggest fan. I came to my desktop to follow you with the Rick Management configuration but cannot find the plugin.

  5. A couple of my plays today, Buying ABVC for a swing to 4.25 or go long. They have some interesting stuff coming to market in the future. V is on sale big time today and loading up for a swing on it. Whats your thoughts on the V drop Jerry?

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