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What is "Decarbing" Cannabis

In this episode of our cannabis podcast, we cover how to decarboxylate cannabis. Also known as “decarbing” decarboxylating cannabis before using it in …


5 thoughts on “What is "Decarbing" Cannabis

  1. The continued illegality of cannabis is so outrageously f*cking ridiculous at every level, I think people fail to recognize it. Good show lads, peace from the midlands

  2. Mars hydro customer service suuuucks but the tsw2000 is pretty good i have 2 🤟😆 Great interview really highlights current issues in prohibition

  3. First off love this podcast, I listen on YouTube!!!! I need to really get involved and find your lives and get on percys!!!!!! Second….. shrooms will never kill you. What you do on them very rarely will…

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