The Cannabis Entourage Effect: How Terpenes Change Your High

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  1. Terps are everything for me. I run Nectar,four years now under LED and everything turns into terp heaven. Can't forget those flavonoids either. My favorite is Anthocyanin expressed in genetics that go purple. My gorilla cookies are banging with Anthocyanin.

  2. I totally agree with the guy who said tommy Chong is a bad figure for the cannabis community and he’s a big reason for the negative stupid stoner stereotype. Because what I learned in real life is a lot of the people who smoke cannabis are the smartest and most successful people I know. But lots of people today still think all who consume cannabis are like Chong

  3. So I had to share; funny as it is but the McDonald’s fun play place looks exactly the same as the one I went to in Kuwait City. Food was definitely NOT the same (no idea what the “beef” pattietreally were) but the atmosphere was spot on.

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