Small Batch Tincture

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  1. You mentioned in the video that you can experiment with other liquor like Hennessy? So it doesn't necessarily have to be 100+ proof to make a tinture? 100+ poof is considered to be GD? Please advise ❤️

  2. Great, informative video! Keep an eye out for our color coded uv tincture droppers coming soon- perfect for storing and organizing different batches. Much Love!

  3. So I assume this is too small of an amount to make using the Magical Butter machine (which is what I own). Seems like that max line with this infuser is lower than the MB machine (which does suck…) 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. any idea what the max infusion you can get on a tincture is? say you tried to get up to 1500-2000mg in the same 34 cup. is that possible? is there a point where the alcohol reaches a limit?

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