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Small Batch Tincture

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18 thoughts on “Small Batch Tincture

  1. Any more food videos? I’m doing keto, so I’m looking for a good sugar free gummy recipe.. please !!

  2. Hi… 🥰 Can you decarb your herbs and use it at a later date… like a week later or so.. Will it still be affective?

  3. You mentioned in the video that you can experiment with other liquor like Hennessy? So it doesn't necessarily have to be 100+ proof to make a tinture? 100+ poof is considered to be GD? Please advise ❤️

  4. My tincture never works my butter get me high but my tincture doesn't get me high

  5. Great, informative video! Keep an eye out for our color coded uv tincture droppers coming soon- perfect for storing and organizing different batches. Much Love!

  6. So I assume this is too small of an amount to make using the Magical Butter machine (which is what I own). Seems like that max line with this infuser is lower than the MB machine (which does suck…) 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. I noticed unlike any other YouTube videos.Nobody dislikes any of your videos.You got the best vibes🤙

  8. Do you boil it down? Evaporate the alcohol?

  9. I thought lecithin was for only gummies.

  10. I thought tincture n green dragon was the same. Ugh I'm so new. Gotta look it up

  11. Thank you for this video

  12. any idea what the max infusion you can get on a tincture is? say you tried to get up to 1500-2000mg in the same 34 cup. is that possible? is there a point where the alcohol reaches a limit?

  13. Should it have a strong alcohol taste after it's infused?

  14. Clear and informative, as always. Thank you! I like how bright the new kitchen is. 👍👍

  15. Alcohol tincture vs VG tincture would be a good video ^

  16. are you gonna do any update videos on the new stuff u can infuse with the Green Dragon and benefits of alcohol tincture vs. VG tincture etc?

  17. so if i use half oz, i would use 1 cup if everclear??

  18. South Carolina smoking good..

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