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Moringa Seed Oil Production Learn how to press moringa seeds for oil production.


3 thoughts on “Moringa Seed Oil Production

  1. I want to buy your book
    Reply me

  2. Woooww!!! You making moringa oil. I think I would like to buy some of that too!!!
    How much is the book??

  3. I’m in Brisbane Australia. My Indian neighbours have them (they call them malunggay) growing everywhere. We’re in the suburbs…and I help myself to clippings that hang over the fence. And add the leaves to my cooking and salads. Sometimes I get the seed pods too, but I’m not sure what to do with the seeds other than planting them. I Iove gardening.
    I love the paper, I would use it do do my printmaking on it. It would make for a premium product (work of art).

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