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Girl Advice 101 | Beauty Hacks Tips and Tricks TikTok ✨ part 4

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13 thoughts on “Girl Advice 101 | Beauty Hacks Tips and Tricks TikTok ✨ part 4


  2. overbrushing your teeth will damage them. my mom obsessed over hers and brushed after eating or drinking things that could stain and had dentures at 23. I love all the tips but consult a dentist before you become toothless.

  3. Wait.. ppl don’t wash their feet? I scrub my feet and use a metal foot file IN the shower… y’all are weird

  4. We also need to talk about replacing those loofahs weekly. The middle takes a long time to dry and mold, where you can’t see because it’s in the middle, is living. LOOFAHS ARE CHEAP! Stock up!

  5. You actually shouldn’t brush your teeth every time you drink something that will stain your teeth. You don’t want to brush the enamel away! Over brushing is just as bad as not brushing enough.

  6. I don’t like those videos on TikTok cuz I can’t use scented anything so sad can’t use nun of these stuff

  7. I was raised on the African net sponge and now anything else is inferior and I can’t use nothing but the African net

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