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We are thrilled that you have joined the ShareASale affiliate marketing network. Below, we will provide you with all the necessary resources to be fully prepared to drive your affiliate efforts to success. We will cover lots of important information, including the foundations to your new program, how to recruit new affiliate partners, which reports are most helpful, and even an overview of the ongoing tasks for your program.

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Familiarize yourself with your new account

Before diving into our Program Academy courses, start with this beginner level, 101 overview of your new merchant account. This introductory video provides a snapshot view of the most vital pieces to a successful program. The following course videos will cover each of these topics and more in further detail and from a more strategic approach.

Merchant Homepage Introduction
Get familiar with your merchant account interface as we highlight the critical places to regularly visit. Find the knowledge necessary for a successful program.


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Set the ground work for your program

Let’s start with the building blocks for a successful affiliate program. We will touch on topics like setting a competitive commission and tracking gap, program agreement, fielding affiliate applications and organizing your affiliate partners.

Course 1: Foundation
Starting with the program framework, we will cover the needed information for your account on a strategic level.

Establish strong partnerships

Writing a communication plan is necessary next step to sharing brand information so that you affiliate partners can effectively promote your products. This next video is going to go over search keywords, program bio, emails and newsletters.

Course 2: Communications
Our communication tools will make your job easier with our automation options, communication tools and best methods to share brand updates.

Promote your brand’s program effectively

Give an irresistible first impression by making sure that your brand’s messaging is clear and your program is set up to provide affiliates with the best possible resources. We will talk about creatives, coupons, product datafeeds, Storefronts, and more! 

Course 3: Program Marketing
Learn how to use your account to easily provide affiliate partners with flexible promotional options to fit their audience.

Customize your tracking

Let’s go a step further and discuss ShareASale’s technology options available. Our customization tracking and tools will help you find a solution to any affiliate marketing scenario. We will help you commission affiliate partners as you see fit.

Course 4: Technical
Maximize your affiliate program by using our customizable tracking methods to receive data-driven insights.

Track your program’s performance

Reviewing your account’s activity can give you the insights into what is working and what needs improvement – let’s talk about reporting. In this video, we will also talk about creating a growing and vital program by finding quality partnerships through our recruitment tool!

Course 5: Maintenance
Get a sense of which reports are most commonly used and which ones you should pay most attention to. Also, learn more about our recruitment tool.

Monitor your account routinely

Affiliate marketing is not a set it and forget it marketing strategy. It requires a watchful eye and daily upkeep. We are going to talk about what exactly is needed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to grow your program.

Course 6: Ongoing Tasks
Routinely checking on your affiliate account is a crucial part for any affiliate manager, so learn what you need to watch for.

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