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Building the Scottish State Show – with special guest Tam Laird (S1.EP10)

Building the Scottish State Show: Series 1 – Episode 10 – Tam Laird On this week’s show, Dr Mark McNaught is joined by Tam Laird Mr Laird is the current …


2 thoughts on “Building the Scottish State Show – with special guest Tam Laird (S1.EP10)

  1. Thank you for another interesting program! Libertarianism hadn't really come into my thinking at any point so it was interesting to hear about this party &Tam's views. I agreed with some of what he said, didn't agree with other things… as we do with most parties and we decide from there. I guess it comes down to which party is CLOSEST to our way of thinking, with more agreements than not. I think it was the fact many of the examples Tam gave of ideas he liked/didn't like re America, that got Dr. Mark giving HIS take of American politics. And while I know the program is to let the guest do the talking, I could understand how Dr Mark would be keen to give his thoughts from the point of having grown up there. And thus, the program became more a discussion than a 'guest spot'… But I liked that! I think with ideas being thrown at him, Tam gave more information than perhaps he might have done. I really enjoyed the 'discussion' element tonight. Nice change. 😉

  2. Was the purpose of this zoom chat to hear the Doctor and his rather pedestrian world view or was it about hearing what the Scottish Libertarian view for Scotland? I would rather a less stuttering and waffling interviewer was doing this and maybe it would have good. Tam Laird is very polite, I would have told this Doctor to stfu.

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