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Trump Rally Crowd Boos Vaccines, Pfizer Shot Gets Full FDA Approval: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the crowd at a Trump rally booing COVID-19 vaccines before the FDA finally granted full approval to the Pfizer vaccine. Late Night …


46 thoughts on “Trump Rally Crowd Boos Vaccines, Pfizer Shot Gets Full FDA Approval: A Closer Look

  1. It’s amazing how white his teeth are considering his head is shoved up Biden’s ass.

  2. Except, COMIRANTY was the Pfizer vaccine approved, not the bio n tech currently being administered. That one is still EUA only. COMIRANTY isn't even available to the public yet. Way to go spreading propaganda a******. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  3. "I used to be funny now I'm a zombie propagandist".
    You won't be granted your exiting booster that you now need…hee hah

  4. For your corrections SETH!!!!!!!!!! The vaccines name has always been Comirnaty. BECAUSE IT WAS DEVELOPED BY THE GERMAN COMPANY BioNTech. It is the fucking BioNTech vaccine. Fucking Pfizer you have to think of as the mail man in the BioNTech/Pfizer partnership. How can you not know that? It's a year!

  5. I dare you to, how to transition from Political Drama to Day-to-Day Comedy?
    We know you can do it Seth.

    p.s. I come here to laugh, not to watch a news recap while realize how much ford thought is getting.

  6. I got my first shot in Himachal Pradesh. Covishield. AstraZeneca in conjunction with the Serum Institute of India. Get a vaccine. Just get it.

  7. Of course Pfizer got full approval. Follow the stock portfolios of US Government officials and billionaires.

  8. They do know that Trump is vaccinated, right? My goodness the level of ignorance is off the charts!

  9. New name? It's been called that since….the beginning?

  10. Naming the vaccine "Comirnaty" is Streets Ahead.

  11. I don't get the Comirnaty part. It's been called that in Europe for many months already. US knows that Biontechs vaccine is not called " the Pfizer shot" right?

    It was made in Germany btw

  12. This was the market name of the vaccine all along. And it was the German company Biontech which developed and named it. Biontech just partnered up with Pfizer for mass scale production.

  13. I heard that Biden was normal and coherent until he had the covid vaccine… It could be a lie but what else can I believe when all I have presented to me are lies?

  14. The tumbleweed was great!
    Well worth your budget.

  15. Wait …this is our bodies and they’re trying to make us take the vaccine. But it’s ok to take women’s reproductive choice away? They are toxic hypocrites on every subject.

  16. They should have named it Gepiesonol MD to drive the conspiracy nuts over the edge. You got GPS, phonetically you have "all" and MD is the elemental symbol for magnesium. I know it's not the same as magnets but if you are insane it's basically the same thing

  17. Pfizer shot ? Hey Seth, It is a specific version of Pfizer . How carless can you be. There are 2 versions of Pfizer.

  18. you're free to die. you've got your freedoms. free dumb.

  19. Comirnaty is the product's name, Pfizer is the company/brand so it makes sense to give it a name. Here in Europe it also says "comirnaty" on our vaccine card so it's not so weird anyways 😀

  20. I am in an ethical dilemma. Encourage Trump supporters to not take the vaccine. Equals a lot less Trump supporters. Or fight anti-vaxers as it endangers us all. But since I avoid Trump supporters option 1 is looking good.

  21. So I asked my grandmother, “If a tree falls in a forest and there’s no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?” and she said, “Didn’t you study science at school? Next thing you’ll be taking cow worm tablets to prepare for exams.” Apparently, in the country that first landed a man on the moon, people are taking cow worm tablets to prepare for exams. Go figure. My grandmother also said, “The pen is mightier than the sword, and the comedy sketch is mightier than the political speech.” Darn right sister! She did standup for five years at the Comedy Mall and killed regularly. I mean crushed it and hit it right out of the ball park. She slammed dunked every night with new and old material. Real Las Vegas Catskills 1960’s stuff compadre with the latte from the forte. She did this routine about why Central Park was originally built to keep the poor of NY over one side and the rich over the other side…kinda like the current tax and wage system. And then the John Lennon peace memorial statue was built and messed it all up with idealistic peace hippy bs. Soooo Laurel Canyon girlfriend!!

  22. "Mark of the beast stuff". 😳 😳 this totally explains their mentality. I see now why they're taking horse dewormer. And I'm not even upset.

  23. actually the pfizer-vaccine was developed by a german pharmaceutical company called biontech and in europe the name from the beginning was komirnaty nothing new to europeans so

  24. Lol, people outside of NYC have no idea what a Bodega is….😂
    (For the most part)

  25. Oh really?? What a closer the gossip lady like persona..
    FDA officials who approved Covid vaccine already submitted resignation.

  26. It is so strange that he doesn't stop talking about Trump but never talks about the overwhelming incompetence of Biden. You guys in America must be so scared Trump comes back, that you prefer to be blind how horrible the current president is. Don't get me wrong. I think both of them shouldn't be president but ignoring the weak and weird behavior of Biden is very dangerous, considering what's going on in the world.

  27. Seth..colbert.. isn't that a little late for a school night?

  28. I guarantee..when you kids grow up..

  29. Seth..latrine cleaner in the late night Kingdom of Greg Gutfeld..look at the ratings..and weep..losers.. too mean.?.butthurt Yet?

  30. So what did the TV tell you think today?

  31. One thing that should be assurance to vaccinate is, the fact that Israel was the first one to vaccinate their population. Israel always puts its people before everyone else. And Jewish people are very well educated. Combined these two facts together, and it will point to efficacy and legitimacy of the two top vaccines.

  32. YouTube, this video is in violation of your policy regarding Medical Misinformation. By allowing this video to remain up you are exposing yourself and your members to possible litigation. Should anyone use this as medical advice and take the vaccine, suffer severe adverse reaction, you will be legally responsible. One call to Pfizer Customer Service number clearly indicates that the vaccine has not been approved.

  33. Still giggling. "I don't think we did this right."

  34. It’s been called Comirnaty here in Germany for ages. It’s not a new name.

  35. Changing the name only makes it more fishy 🤣 😂😂

  36. Say what you want about Mike Lindel but I love those my pillows. I have one and they’re amazing. I can confirm this, basically what they do, is the conform to your head/face the way you lay on it. Unless it gets washed like in the laundry, which also feels great. There is like around depression in the pillow that is the shape of your head because it literally conforms to it. Kind of like Lendell to trump.

  37. I'm afraid of Americans. The whole world is watching yr SNAFU. The formula is simple: lockdown, masks, vaccinations, social distancing, and disinfecting. Get it together, y'all! Look at nations like New Zealand for a better way to handle this pandemic.

  38. Missed oppourtunity for a Madea joke.

  39. The vaccine was not available before jan 6

  40. I keep my vaccine card in my passport carrier. Fits perfectly.

  41. Covid! Ummm Umm….Immunity! annnnd? Ummm Umm Community?! Yes…!! Sooooooo… Comirnaty?! Sounds good! Did I hear we are ordering Chinese?

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