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Bill Maher: The Media Needs To Take Responsibility For “Scaring The Shit Out Of People” About Covid-19 | Video

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher blamed the media for massively misinforming people about COVID-19 during an appearance last week on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

BILL MAHER: I have to cite a survey that was in The New York Times, which is a liberal paper so they weren’t looking for this answer. But they were talking about — the question was, ‘What do you think the chances are that you would have to go to the hospital if you got COVID?’ And Democrats thought that was way higher than Republicans. 41% of Democrats — and the answer is between 1% and 5% — 41% of Democrats thought it was over 50%. Another 28% thought it was 20% to 49%.

70% of Democrats thought it was way, way, way higher than it really was.

Liberal media has to take a little responsibility for that, for scaring the shit out of people.

The reason why I’m bringing this up is because it’s much harder for every touring act to sell tickets in blue states.

They’re afraid to go out of the house. Whereas in red states, it’s all good to go.

So I just want to say to those people in Pittsburgh and New York, I ain’t going to give it to you, I promise. It’s safe. We’re doing everything we can. There’s distancing. There’s masking. Enjoy. Live life.

Embrace life.

JIMMY KIMMEL: But you did get it.

BILL MAHER: I got it after I was vaccinated.

JIMMY KIMMEL: After you were vaccinated, right, and you —

BILL MAHER: I had no symptoms. That may be because I was vaccinated. But let’s not even get into that. I know you and your boyfriend, Howard Stern are very paranoid about this. It’s a little weird that I got it after, but many, many, many people have had the same situation.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Yes, I know people who have.

BILL MAHER: Bottom line, if you’re vaccinated, you almost never die from it. Look, I’m for whatever is getting America back to where I can see the new James Bond movie in the theater.

Watch the full interview below:

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