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These Stocks Are Strong Even In A Crashing Market. Buy Fundamentals

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16 thoughts on “These Stocks Are Strong Even In A Crashing Market. Buy Fundamentals

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  2. Great video and cannot argue that this market hiccup is anything other than a phenomenal opportunity to buy stocks on sale.. My goal is only to double down on the high quality positions within my portfolio at this time and just kick back for the long-run!

  3. I'm still holding even with $30,000 loss, I believe in the cause. I have watched how these hedge funds move into growing company's and short them into oblivion.

    Down $20k myself… ( Actual loss,not profits lost)

    But a commited ape…

  4. Any opinions on AQST aquestive therapeutics stock? Analysts love it but Iā€™m wondering what you think? Hearing a lot of chatter. Thanks for your time šŸ˜Š

  5. got smashed on SID…..luckily I didn't its only some of my earnings….

  6. What platform are you using to get all that data?

  7. INMD just killing it, greetings from Chile

  8. Hi Jerry thanks for the video. How do I set a trail stop on webull platform or where do I find it in your videos?

  9. I love the risk management added to your video

  10. Wow these are expensive

  11. Can cover you AQST soon? FDA date in December and they just received multiple analysts upgrades with huge price targets. Could make huge run Jerry I love your thoughts.

  12. Gtim. Gtim. Take a look

  13. Hi Jerry. What do you think about TPL (Texas Pacific Land)? Is it still a long term hold for you? Thanks.

  14. Hi Jerry. Love your no hype channel. Holding onto AR too. For, ZIM, did you tighten your trail stop from the 12%?

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