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Tuesday Stock Pick: AAPL|ITMR|U|DOCU|EV makers Investing September 2021 – Tuesday Pushing For New Low?! Stocks In The News|Cheat Sheet …


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    For all the quick viewers, here's the video time mark. Enjoy.

    Video Content:
    00:00 Preparing

    05:10 Start & Greeting

    07:00 News Sharing: The Wall Street Journal headlines

    09:30 AAPL: Apple Inc.

    20:50 ITMR: Itamar Medical

    23:05 TRIL: This stock is going to fall

    25:45 Chinese stop English teaching!

    29:50 PFE

    30:20 U: Unity Software, bounce down to $117, hold for 2yrs

    40:10 Don't update your iPhone!

    42:40 SOFI

    44:05 ITMR: is a dead meat right now

    45:25 SPCE

    46:10 DOCU: Docusign, even their own engineers can't crack it after it's signed, buy at $240

    01:01:20 SPRT

    01:03:40 Face to face talk

    01:19:30 Welcome back. TSLA, HYLN

    01:23:40 MMAT, AAPL, CHPT, BBIG, AMC, ITMR

    01:29:40 U, buy at $116

    01:34:00 DOCU, TSLA, MRNA, PFE, DIDI

    01:39:50 09868, GM

    01:45:00 AMZN

    01:49:50 TSLA

    01:54:00 DOCU, BTC, CHPT

    01:59:50 CPNG, MESA

    02:02:10 PFE, DIDI, CHPT

    02:03:00 How to invest in Chinese stocks

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