Nikkie Tutorials is coming out with WHAT?? BeautyCon might be coming back! | What's Up in Makeup

Nikkie Tutorials shocks the internet with her unexpected cosmetic brand, updates on some new celeb brand launches, and it looks after their big scandal in 2019 …


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  1. Omg you always look so good, but in this video even more so! I notice you link so much in your description box & greatly appreciate it but have a favor to ask: could you please link what you are wearing also? I love this top and often like your jewelry too. Anyways thanks for always making such good content.

  2. My opinion- Nikkie is too late for the party. Every single influencer is launching the beauty products. Market is over saturated. Plus – I am not 100% fan of packaging- and they look cheap.
    I have seen list of ingredients- products are fragranced – so pass for me and plenty of people with allergies / sensitive skin

  3. The "clean" beauty world eyeshadows and other formulas had realy evolved over the past few years. Try the Lawless eyeshadows (and new foundation) or Victoria beckham or Eather and see. Im 49 and these formulas looks great on my mature skin!

  4. Using bamboo essence seems kinda pointless to me, as bamboo needs water to grow anyway… But maybe it somehow produces more liquid that it requires in order to grow, idk.

  5. I’m a big fan of NT and I loved her BeautyBay palette, but it concerns me that she didn’t actually use the products in the launch video or the promotional videos. She’s wearing a full face of makeup in the video and doesn’t put any of the products on her skin, which makes it seem like she doesn’t use them herself.

  6. ah see, compared to NT who has brought out new stuff JA is over there with vegan formulas and eco friendly-ness plus extra info about their meanings and reason of certain items existing – far more interesting to me 🙂

  7. excited about this release, not sure if I'll actually get anything – I'm cutting down and sticking to my all time faves – not just buying more coz it's something new! also…would also help if it was stated if it was Vegan Cruelty Free straight off the bat, to get my attention and know that it is something for me.

  8. The fact that Jennifer Aniston is introducing her brand with hair care is very expected…very much a marketing technique. 'Rachel' hair was LITERALLY a whole ERA of desired style. I think either P.R. and/or she's finally listening to the FRIENDS Fandom (ty Tik Tok) so it's a late grab to cash. It will blow up bc Rachel. (*Note: I've never watched FRIENDS and I'm not part of the Fandom so maybe a bias opinion*)

  9. Makeup Geek put out "Skin Brilliance" Facial Elixir. It's nice. I think she was ahead of the herd, (Glotion" etc.), with it's production but I haven't heard any "buzz" around it. It comes with suggestions for multiple uses. It is nice but it didn't knock my socks off. Down to 1/2 a bottle. Unsure about ordering a back up. Edit: Just a note to lipstick lovers – J. Cat has some I'm loving online at Ulta and the J.Cat website. Check to see who has the best price at the moment. Do note that the so-called swatches are not a fair representation of the actual color. They are better, much better. For instance, "Russian Spy" looks kinda brown in the pic but it is a glorious full bodied deep berry. "Secret Moods" is a pinkish copper with a shimmer. Ironically, the "swatch" reads kind of a brownish-berry-plum. In all, I have seven shades from the Scene Stealer Collection and am very happy with all. Wish they were in-store somewhere so one could get a preview of the actual color.

  10. I appreciate your not colouring your hair. I too haven't coloured my hair. I may, just not feeling it. I've earned them!!! Alot of people don't make to this far. So many friends and family are gone. Plus me, I barely made it. So I appreciate them every one of them!!! It's ok to advertise that ya earn some hard won wisdom!!! Take care and have fun!!! 💃🕺💃 😷😎😷

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