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Making Vape Carts using Cannabinoids and NOTHING ELSE!

Check out for vape supplies and to help support the channel! Ever wonder how to make a CBD Vape Cart using No Terpenes, no PG/VG, …


25 thoughts on “Making Vape Carts using Cannabinoids and NOTHING ELSE!

  1. I am new to making cartridges and I’ve been researching and watching your channel for a while now. I plan to use live resin (may or may not be dewaxed but it is very good quality). So my question being would I be able to decarb in a jar to preserve the terpenes and then filter the lipids through a syringe? At that stage Idk if it would be liquid enough to saturate one of your carts coils? TIA

  2. Brother you should sell ur own terp only carts I’d spend good money on that😂

  3. The man dancing made me giggle, wasn't expecting it on the close up of the bean moving around in the jar. Haha

  4. hey, was wondering if u could do a video with the cart gun where u put freshly pressed concentrate into a disposable battery system.

  5. more maplestory music?? second video of yours that i've watched, im subbing now lol

  6. are you just baked in every video you record? lmao

  7. Just change your name to “the weed scientist” 😂I love how the videos just keep improving keep up the great worc🕺🏾

  8. You ever use live resin terpenes? If so is it worth it?

  9. mate, what is the easiest way to go from bud to oil/shatter ? where I live weed isn't anywhere near legal so I don't have huge amounts, I could do like idk 10gs but is that even worth it in the first place or shud i just smoke the bud ? thanks a lot mate cheers

  10. What company is ur preferred terp place. So far I dig true terps. But expensive…and mass terps. Prices are atleast reasonable. And they give samples…

  11. you’re a king for using the maple story music

  12. But u did use stuff other then thc u used powder …..

  13. I’ve been making my own carts for a long while just pure thc aka delta 9 and delta 8 , thc-o , I just melt them all and put them in my carts they all gassssssssss fixing to start my own cart business not gonna sell but I’m gonna sell them to ppl so they can sell them

  14. my man. is this the fuckin kerning pq music

  15. With the cbc liquidity do you happen to see a route to winterizing pressed rosin via your syringe filtration methods without utilizing alcohol?

  16. Is that an LTT mouse mat?

  17. Nice edit with snoop right on the beat!

  18. Powdered CBD? Do tell…

  19. idk half the shit u be sayin n all but u be making ur own za n i love it 🤣

  20. Cant wait to get my own cart filler and i cant wait for all your future videos

  21. These videos are pure gold man keep up what your doing. 💪 👊

  22. This is hands down better than any store bought cart. 🙌

  23. Can you use the cbc in a scenario where you'd be using live rosin?

  24. My man, I hadn't seen you in my feed for a minute and when you appear again, GODDAMN with the fire!

    Much love brotha

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