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#1 Processor of Wana Gummies and Kiva Chocolate in Michigan: High Life Farms

1 Processor of Wana Gummies and Kiva Chocolate in Michigan: High Life Farms High Life Farms cultivates boutique cannabis on a grand scale. With 250000 …


36 thoughts on “#1 Processor of Wana Gummies and Kiva Chocolate in Michigan: High Life Farms

  1. Canna Cribs is produced by an independent media company: Growers Network. We are not advocates of the policies set by the MCMA. We believe it is important to showcase the entirety of the Michigan market, which is why we filmed seven episodes: Pincanna, High Life Farms, Pleasantrees, Heavyweight Heads, Pure Options, Apothecare Ann Arbor and Mitten Gardens. We appreciate you watching this episode and value your stance. If you want to network and learn with other hobbyists, caregivers and commercial growers, head on over to our free Growers Network forum with over 17,000 members.

  2. Video quality of cannacribs is like a Netflix show, I forgot I was on YouTube πŸ˜‚

  3. Growers choice not such a good choice after luxx test

  4. Stay away from expert seeds.

  5. Hey Nate, you know when you were crouching by the wall at 12:01 in the video? You really need to learn more about general botany, that was clearly poison ivy your face was all in. I hope you don't have a reaction now, as that stuff can wreak hell on your skin. Otherwise an informative video. Welcome to Michigan.

  6. We eat Fermented shark meat here in New Zealand too my bro nice set up

  7. Michigan Always have the purplest purple πŸ’―

  8. I tell you what, if your hiring I will move there.

  9. Now you can put green houses up. It cost so much to grow now, like now you need investors. Licence 250,000$ and another 250,000$ in assets. And you have to live there.

  10. It's not very smart for the environment.

  11. You can't grow outside anymore in Michigan for rec sale anyways. Just medical. Sucks

  12. Lmao @ dora the explorer

  13. 3.0 ec in veg??? even 2.0 seems high for veg :S

  14. It has been a pleasure working with you High Life Farms over the last year and a bit. We are stoked our EV-MASS Ethanol Extraction Platform was showcased in this episode! This is a great example of how Evolved is trusted to power the worlds BEST brands! Get episode Canna Cribs keep up the great work!

  15. From the beginning of my day to the end. This video was the highlight. Thank you Growers Network!!! That static pull on the terps!! Always learning always growing always living. ❀

  16. Big up The chief πŸ‘πŸ‘

  17. If you ever start FILMING home grows hit me up def. Need to do some "HomeGrown Canna Cribs editions ….

  18. Omg!! Best video yet πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ BEAUTIFUL 😍

  19. Great videos, but you get every farm to lie about using the advertised product πŸ˜‚

  20. Such a shame you tub have prevented us from watching your videos, but we refuse to provide confidential information for their age restriction data harvesting, is it possible to view any place else? Thanks again.

  21. Absolutely love your show.

  22. Nate, you have people in need of your skills in Oklahoma. 9,000+ growers and only 2,000+ dispensaries has led to 95% of flower and marijuana products on store shelfs, to be horrid quality, at best, most is unsafe to even consume. Zenoa is one of the closest to high quality I have found, same with Tric Tech, I'm on the hunt for Arbuckle farms cannabis, and the red bird someone from this channel commented and suggested. So maybe 4-6 growers out of over 9,000 are just barley starting to hit something close to high quality. It's a crazy marijuana industry here for sure !

  23. βœŠπŸ€™πŸ’ͺ

  24. So glad you finally made it to Michigan. That Tropicana Cookies is amazing. I really hope you all tried it. It is pretty much black when its ground up. Best growers in MI.

  25. Great video πŸ€™πŸ’―

  26. Hello!Producers in all your videos mainly grow indica (in indore)and there is a video who grows sativa?

  27. Love my growers choice roi. I have 2 of them and 2 think grow model h. Gotta say the roi is really giving the think grow a run for its money.

  28. Nate! How long do they keep those clones soaking in solo cups?

  29. Limited amount of space 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  30. Not sure how this only shows 188 thumbs up

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