Here’s your first look at ‘Alan Wake’ in 4K for the PS5

Alan Wake is coming back on October 5th, and you’ll be able to help him find his wife in 4K. Remedy Entertainment first announced that it’s releasing a remastered version of its beloved story-driven horror title a few days ago. Now, it has published the first trailer for the 4K version of the game with enhanced character models and richer environmental details. It shows Wake writing a warning to not go out in the dark and to stay in the light, waking up in a nightmare and looking for his wife in a town where strange things are happening… like locals are being possessed by something supernatural.

The PS5 version of the game runs at 4K at 60fps. On the PS 4 Pro, it can run on either of two modes: Performance at 60fps or Quality at 30fps 4K. Meanwhile, the PS4 version is capped at 30fps. Each weapon in the game has different feedback for the DualSense controller’s adaptive trigger, and there are Activity cards for each episode and mission. 

In his post on the PlayStation blog, Remedy Creative Director Sam Lake said the team retouched a ton of individual items and not just the cut scenes and the biggest things you can see in the environment. They touched up the props, textures, sound effect files and the art for the game’s user interface. 

The remastered version of Alan Wake includes the base game and The Signal and The Writer, which were expansions that were originally released as DLCs. This is the first time it will be released on the PlayStation, though it’s also coming to the Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. 

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