30 MIN FULL BODY KILLER HIIT – Bodyweight Workout, No Equipment, No Repeat

It’s time to push yourself to the limits. Let’s go! 30 Minutes of Killer High Intensity Work to burn calories and body fat.Team Grow Quote for this workout: JUST …


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  1. I've gym for 6-7yrs. Since gym closed due to covid, I found your video and give a try one by one of your videos. Most of the intensity and just with 10second rest, it cause me sweat more and get me shredded faster 😂. Love all of your workout video!

  2. I’m new to your channel. I wanted to know your recommendation regarding the cadence of your workout month program. For instance, should 3 workouts be done back to back and then day 4 is a rest day. Will you advise or point me to a calendar schedule if available? Thx!

  3. This was a super difficult one! Great though. I am a huge fan of your videos (I think i've done every single one). I just found out I'm pregnant and i was wondering if you had suggestions for which videos are pregnancy friendly. Thanks for all you do!

  4. Your workout videos are really amazing I tried them and got great results…but fat around my thighs are stuck so can you plz make a new no equipment challenge video on this topic…that will be very helpful…..xx

  5. I am wondering about the best way to do these videos: I cannot (yet) complete these videos with the full intensity of Anna. When I am getting tired, is it better to: a) pause the video to catch my breath so that I can continue the exercise with my full intensity (and the correct number of reps) as soon as possible. OR b) try to keep going, but just really slow down my speed (so much less reps, and maybe my form is not as good anymore) ? Is one option better for improving strength, while maybe the other is better for improving endurance?

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