Polestar made a working version of its electric cargo sled

Polestar’s electric cargo sled now exists as more than just a pretty 3D render. The EV maker has unveiled its first working prototype of the Re:Move it introduced half a year earlier. The three-wheeler hasn’t changed much since March, but it’s now clear just what the machine could do.

The Re:Move demo unit is about as fast a typical e-bike with a 15MPH top speed and a 2.2kWh battery. However, it can haul a lot more. The 400lbs maximum load isn’t as heavy as the 600lbs Polestar claimed early on, but that still makes it a viable alternative to delivery vans in some cases. It’s nimbler than vans, too, with a 29-inch width (easily enough for a bike lane) and a 23-foot turning radius.

You can also expect always-on lighting, brake lights and a horn, although indicators are optional in Polestar’s vision. The Re:Move should be more eco-friendly thanks to composite frame covers that replace the usual plastic and flax.

Polestar still hasn’t said how likely it is to produce the Re:Move, let alone offer pricing or availability. The automaker certainly has roles in mind for the Re:Move, however. It pictures the sled filling in for lighter delivery duties, such as online orders. The machine might also help in rural areas where there isn’t much infrastructure for conventional vehicles. Don’t be surprised if you see this or vehicles like it in villages where more ‘conventional’ EVs just wouldn’t be an option. 

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