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Touchdown in TEXAS | Delta 8 and THC-O are Gamechangers

smokesesh #southTEXAS #cannabis Finally got back to Texas after my 1 year Airbnb adventure. It was cool traveling everywhere while I worked remote.


4 thoughts on “Touchdown in TEXAS | Delta 8 and THC-O are Gamechangers

  1. Im smoking dogwalker og from elyxrla n im n htx im trippn

  2. We over here in df dubyyyyyyyyyy
    We enjoy bake bars delta 8 and we totally switched to delta 8
    Better and cheaper

  3. Texas!!!!!!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. delta 8 is what people think CBD is when they first try it… not looking to get cooked out of their god damn minds but instead have a nice clean and mellow high. It's potential for success is massive. Everyone knows it. AND IT'S FEDERALLY LEGAL.

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