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Buffbunny Collection Nubre Launch Review!

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy the review! Buffbunny website: My buffbunny collection support code is SHANNON Thank you so …


15 thoughts on “Buffbunny Collection Nubre Launch Review!

  1. You are so beautiful!

  2. What bra are you wearing under the aurora crop?

  3. Thanks for mentioning size every item! Super helpful.


  5. That geo sports bra!!! 😍😍😍

  6. Thanks so much for the video! These are always so helpful. I think you’re comparing the new monarch leggings to the siren leggings that launched previously, but I could be wrong! The siren leggings were the ones that had the cross waistband, but they were made of the energy fabric.

  7. Are the legacy bossy print bike shorts okay around the thighs in a small? Or do you think a medium would’ve also been a little more comfortable? Just as the shorter legacy shorts?

  8. My medium legacy leggings seem to fit a bit looser than my medium Rosa leggings. I want the legacy in bossy print from this launch. Do you think I could get away with sizing down? Or because they are made with nubre now, do they fit differently?

  9. Hi Shannon! You asked for video ideas on your previous video, here are a couple i would loooove to see:

    – what's in my gym bag/gym essentials
    – day in the life vlog/what i eat in a day vlog

  10. If you had to pick either rosa( no pockets) or legacy leggings, which would you pick? They kind of seem similar to me..

  11. Hi Shannon. Thank you for the review. I heard that BB made tweaks to the Revolution Bra to have more coverage. Are you able to tell the difference in the coverage between the older and newer revolution bras? Thanks.

  12. Lovveee the Geo bra!!

  13. RIP my bank account 😭
    I'm actually really into the idea of a basic sports bra, did you find it to be easier to get on compared to the others? I struggle with some of them like the revolution bra 🤣

  14. Are you no longer working with balance? You don't seem to talk about them anymore 😕

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